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Bangladeshi Workers Need Freed Markets
Since November, more than a thousand Bangladeshi garment workers have perished in two tragic factory calamities: a fire in Tazreen and a building collapse in Savar, outside the capital, Dhaka. Bangladesh is a major exporter of apparel to the West and “is set to become the world’s largest apparel exporter over the next few years,”…
Oficinas de Exploração Laboral – Sweatshops a “Melhor Alternativa Disponível”? Mas Quem Decide Que Alternativas estão Disponíveis?
The following article is translated into Portuguese from the English original, written by Kevin Carson. De todos os comentários pretensamente libertários que tentam colocar a tragédia das confecções de peças de vestuário de Bangladesh em “perspectiva,” o de Benjamin Powell é provavelmente o pior (“Sweatshops Em Bangladesh Melhoram A Vida De Seus Trabalhadores, E Estimulam Crescimento,” Forbes, 2…
Sweatshops the “Best Available Alternative”? But Who Decides What Alternatives are Available?
Of all the self-styled libertarian commentaries attempting to put the Bangladesh garment factory tragedy in “perspective,” Benjamin Powell’s is probably the worst (“Sweatshops In Bangladesh Improve The Lives Of Their Workers, And Boost Growth,” Forbes, May 2). In Bangladesh, Powell writes, “some 4,500 garment factories employ approximately 4 million workers. In the grand scheme of…
The Nobel Peace Prize vs. Peace and Prosperity
Grameen Bank is, contrary to popular belief, an institution which relies heavily on state subsidies and its methods are not as much of an example of development from below as one would hope.
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