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So-Called “Criminals’ Rights” Protect the Rest of Us on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “So-Called ‘Criminals’ Rights’ Protect the Rest of Us” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford. It’s a standard trope among right-wing “law and order” types to equate procedural protections against cops with protection of the alleged criminals they’re in pursuit of, or to equate due process rights…
So-Called “Criminals’ Rights” Protect the Rest of Us
After the Providence Journal printed Chad Nelson’s commentary on Boston’s violations of Fourth Amendment search-and-seizure protections (“Marathon Security Violates Constitution” April 20), reader Rick Hawksley responded in a letter to the editor that Nelson “seemed to be more concerned about drug dealers than with the health and welfare of his neighbors.” The sharp escalation of…
Constitutional Law Under Anarchy
One of the biggest challenges to the complete decoupling of the provision of law from the state, with a free market of security and adjudication, is the possibility that these entities would collude against their customers. Economically, it is noted that consumers would lose some money while the collusion in the supply of goods and…
The Phony Trade-off Between Privacy and Security
Most people take it for granted — because they’ve heard it so many times from politicians and pundits — that they must trade some privacy for security in this dangerous world. The challenge, we’re told, is to find the right “balance.” Let’s examine this. On its face the idea seems reasonable. I can imagine hiring…
Another Successful C4SS Tor Fundraiser
Thank you again for your support. The state is damage, we will find a route around it.
On Translating Securityspeak into English
Carson: If we break it down and translate it a bit at a time, we can actually distill some sense from it.
La política y el factor miedo
Thomas L. Knapp nos recuerda que explotar el miedo del público para obtener réditos políticos no es nada nuevo.
Secure Persons and Privacy
Darian Worden: True security is founded on liberty at home and abroad.
White House Invades India
Darian Worden: Why is such a large military force going to India with Obama?
Homeland Security Mission Creep: “Intellectual Property Crime”
Kevin Carson tackles the fanciful notion of file sharing being a cash cow for Al Qaeda.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory