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Contro la Giustizia Penale, IV: Liberi Tutti
Di Jason Lee Byas. Originale pubblicato il 7 dicembre 2020 con il titolo Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. IV: Free All Prisoners. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Pubblicato originariamente sul blog Students for Liberty il 6 febbraio 2015 Gli ultimi tre articoli di questa serie riguardavano l’ingiustizia della pena e del diritto penale, e la giustizia di…
Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. IV: Free All Prisoners
The last three posts of this series have been focused on the injustice of punishment and criminal law, and the justice of a tort-based pure restitution system. Even if punishment itself were legitimate, however, we would still have reason to reject the main form of punishment that exists today.Prisons– especially as they exist in the United States–…
Agoric Cafe: Interview With Eric Mack
In episode no. 8 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long chats with philosopher Eric Mack about walking out on Ayn Rand, clashing with Nazi Sikhs in Seneca Falls, libertarian rights theory, Kantian vs. Aristotelean approaches to fixing Randian ethics, Nozickian polymathy, the unselfishness of Samuel Johnson, the ethics of COVID lockdowns, physical distancing in Durango, the…
Review: Libertarian Equality
Fabio Massimo Nicosia, Libertarian Equality, Contradiction, Reconciliation, Maximization. (Amazon.com, 2020) Libertarian Equality, by Italian author Fabio Massimo Nicosia, is a surprising book on left-libertarian political philosophy. It’s not often that left-libertarian thought pops up in Italy, so a brand new book on the topic is a refreshing novelty. In Italy – and probably elsewhere too…
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