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Pregiudizi Razziali in America
Di Conner Martínez. Originale pubblicato il 25 maggio 2018 con il titolo Racial Bias in America. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ci sono stati di recente numerosi casi in cui persone spinte da pregiudizio razziale sono ricorse alla polizia contro persone innocenti dalla pelle scura. È importante che queste storie si sappiano, e che le persone…
Reprint: Welcome to Chillville, a Police-Free Community
The following is republished from Beyond the Badge. The following is an entirely hypothetical representation of a community which uses entirely new ways to address issues that are usually handled by police. This model should in no way be construed as complete, but as a sketch from which we can build upon these ideas and…
Racial Bias in America
Recently, there has been a myriad of news stories where racial bias lead to the police being called on innocent black people. It’s important that these stories be heard, and that the black men and women who lived through them are given the opportunity to tell them. Additionally, it’s imperative moving forward that we, as…
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