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Creatio Ex Nihilo
De Can Standke. Título original: Creatio ex Nihilo del 15 de noviembre del 2020. Traducido al español por Diego Avila Este poema forma parte de nuestro artículo de poesía de otoño de 2020, “La rabia es una emoción positiva” Increíblemente simple parece Y no es de una sola ocurrencia No es de valor, ni raro Cuanto más se mira…
Creatio Ex Nihilo
incredibly simple it seems and of no single occurrence it’s not of value, nor rare the more you look – it’s not there a pair of eyes won’t resolve what had to evolve a cancer set into the flesh enter a nest of a secret web spun you are aware it is there the footprints…
Ayn Rand, Nihilism, And Egoism
Is there a connection between egoism and nihilism? Does Ayn Rand’s brand of ethical egoism amount to a form of nihilism? These are the questions addressed in this blog post. Let us turn to dictionary.com for a definition of nihilism: ni·hil·ism: 1. total rejection of established laws and institutions. 2. anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity. 3. total…
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