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I Proibizionisti: La Pornografia è Crisi Sanitaria
[Di Logan Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 25 aprile 2016 con il titolo Porn Prohibitionists Declare Public Health Crisis. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] La settimana scorsa il governatore dello Utah Gary R. Herbert ha firmato una risoluzione che equipara la pornografia ad una crisi sanitaria. Quest’ultima mossa autoritaria da parte…
Porn Prohibitionists Declare Public Health Crisis
Last week, Governor Gary R. Herbert signed a resolution which declared porn a public health crisis in the state of Utah. This latest authoritarian move by anti-porn moralists has been defended by Utah state Senator Todd Weiler who said, “This isn’t just a religious moral issue. Some people want to make this about sex education; no boy…
Rape Culture and the Female Moralizing Fallacy
Last Friday, Rodrigo Constantino, in his blog on Brazilian magazine Veja’s website, made a strange comment: “I have no doubt that ‘good girls’ are under less risk of sexual assault.” The statement was widely discussed and displeased many in social media, especially for following IPEA‘s research in Brazil, in which 58.5% of interviewees agreed with…
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