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Anti-Nazi Gaming League: Unstable Government with Chill Goblin (THIS FRIDAY)
Join us on Friday, May 19th at 7:00 PM EST as we stream Unstable Government with leftist YouTuber, streamer, and comedian Chill Goblin. From deconstructing the reactionary mind of H.P. Lovecraft to free speech in stand-up comedy, Chill Goblin has covered a wide range of topics from an anti-fascist, eco-socialist, “anarcho-curious” perspective. We’ll be discussing his…
“La Terra Sprofonderà”
La natura lovecraftiana dei mari che si sollevano Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale pubblicato l’undici aprile 2019 con il titolo ‘The Land Shall Sink’: The Lovecraftian Nature of Sea Level Rise. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Nel 1917, H.P. Lovecraft così scrive nel racconto Dagon: “Sogno un giorno in cui [le cose senza nome] sorgeranno dalle onde…
‘The Land Shall Sink’: The Lovecraftian Nature of Sea Level Rise
In 1917, H.P. Lovecraft wrote the following lines in his short story “Dagon”: “I dream of a day when [the nameless things] may rise above the billows to drag down in their reeking talons the remnants of puny, war-exhausted mankind—of a day when the land shall sink, and the dark ocean floor shall ascend amidst…
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