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Internet Offriva Libertà, Noi Abbiamo Scelto la Servitù Aziendale
Di Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Originale: The Internet Offered Us Freedom, We Chose Corporate Rule, 13 ottobre 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. A detta di cypherpunk e cripto-anarchici, una cosa è chiara: internet ci ha offerto la libertà. I movimenti open-source e peer-to-peer (p2p) prosperano ancora in qualche angolino di internet. Vero. Ma molti di noi…
The Internet Offered Us Freedom, We Chose Corporate Rule
Read any of the classic cypherpunk or crypto-anarchist writings and one thing is clear: the internet offered us freedom. While the open source and peer-to-peer (p2p) movements are still alive and well in certain corners of the internet, most of us have chosen corporate rule instead. While cryptocurrency offered us a medium of exchange that…
Free Culture Benefits Everyone But the Middleman
At Techdirt, Mike Masnick reports (“Photographer Learns to Embrace the Public Domain — And is Better Off For It,” Aug. 5) that that Swiss photographer Samuel Zeller has discovered the benefits — to his livelihood! — of putting his work in the public domain. He’s put a lot of his work into the public domain…
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