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Privacy 2014: Scroogled?
Tech aficionados and privacy advocates took notice in late 2013 when Microsoft rolled out an attack on Google’s Chrome OS computers. For one thing, it’s unusual for any company to spend its advertising dollars attacking its competitors rather than promoting its own products. For another, Microsoft’s position atop the computer operating systems market is such that…
Breaking Class Segregation In The Bay Area
So last Sunday in the midst of a second wave of blockades of tech company buses in San Francisco and Oakland, a bus window was broken by some anarchist activists and the action immediately sailed to the top of countless news sites. Activists had been trying to draw attention to how the buses (collectively termed…
Through a (Google) Glass, Darkly?
Let me throw out two predictions so obvious that I shouldn’t even have to commit them to print: 1) Within days, if not hours, of  Google Glass‘s release to the general public, hackers will “jailbreak” the hardware, allowing it to run any “Glassware” users desire and can create or find online; and 2) An independent…
The Copyright Nazis’ Latest Venue: Newspapers
Kevin Carson on the failing business models of state-allied media.
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