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L’inizio è la Fine: Abolizionismo Anarchico come Dialogo Creativo
Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale pubblicato il 26 aprile 2021 con il titolo The End Is the Beginning: Anarchist Abolitionism as Communicative Creation. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Thomas Malthus, nel suo tristemente famoso Saggio sul principio della popolazione dedica alcuni capitoli alla critica di quello che probabilmente fu il primo pensatore anarchico moderno, William Godwin. Ad…
The End Is the Beginning: Anarchist Abolitionism as Communicative Creation
[Hear an in-depth discussion on this article and its topics in this episode of The Enragés] Thomas Malthus, in his infamous work An Essay on the Principle of Population, takes several sections to critique the ideas of arguably the first modern anarchist thinker William Godwin. In one, Malthus writes, The great error under which [Mr.]…
The Individualist Anarchist Wears No Clothes
Introduction: Who Was Emile Armand? Emile Armand (a pseudonym for Ernest-Lucien Juin) is at the center of the collection Individualist Anarchism – Revolutionary Sexualism: Writings by Emile Armand (2012) published by Pallaksch Press and distributed by Little Black Cart. Armand was a French egoist/individualist anarchist, arguably an early proponent of polyamory within the anarchist scene…
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