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8 de septiembre de 2020
Por Jeff Popovich. Artículo original: 2020 September 8. Traducido al español por Camila Avila. Apuesta honesta desquiciada gana a la encuesta desquiciada programada deshonesto Desinformación aquí estoy yo desinformando siete sílabas desencajado del ritmo pero sé contar bien. Kayfabe (sabías que diría eso) decir la verdad en voz alta aunque vaya en contra de nuestra…
2020 September 8
Bet honest unhinged beats unhinged surveyed programmed disingenuous Disinformation here’s me disinforming me seven syllables unhinged from rhythm but I can count good. Kayfabe (you knew I’d say that) say the truth out loud though it goes against our faith (I’m talking to me) code-tapping on pipes insider wink, sacrifice negotiated unhinged from promise but…
Possiamo Odiare Due Cose Assieme, Max Blumenthal
Scritto da Emmi Bevensee e Alexander Reid Ross. Originale pubblicato il 9 gennaio 2019 con il titolo Max Blumenthal, You Can Hate Two Things At Once. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Che c’è? Siamo stati abbastanza fortunati da diventare nemici dei fascisti, il Cremlino, la politica occidentale e stalinisti allo stesso tempo. Che magia abbiamo fatto…
Max Blumenthal, You Can Hate Two Things At Once
What the Hell? We have found ourselves in the fortunate position of making enemies with fascists, the Kremlin, western feds, and tankies all at the same time. What kind of genius sorcery have we channeled to deserve such a gift? Well, we simply researched disinformation wars and red-brown fascist networks surrounding the alt-right. We slept…
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