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I Frutti dell’Azione Diretta
Gli abitanti del villaggio di Kala/Balge, nello stato nord-nigeriano di Borno, si sono ribellati. Tra le incertezze dei politici e i tweet degli attivisti, gli abitanti di Kala/Balge hanno preso le armi e hanno messo in fuga il nemico con un’imboscata contro un convoglio di Boko Haram, che stava arrivando per assaltare il loro villaggio….
A Pox on the King
Of all the complex wicked problems addressed by the current environmental movement, perhaps the most urgent is climate change.  The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that ecosystems are rather vulnerable to changing climates, with a large number of species (upwards of 40%) at risk of extinction if current warming trends continue. It is well noted in…
Direct Action Gets Results
In the village of Kalabalge, in the northern Nigerian state of Borno, the people struck back. While politicians dithered and activists twittered, the people of Kalabalge armed themselves and took the fight to their enemies, ambushing a Boko Haram convoy en route to attack their village. At least forty-one Boko Haram militants were killed and ten…
Direct Action as Entrepreneurship
The entrepreneur is given considerable accolades in today’s political discourse. Republicans laud them as role models, paragons of the protestant work ethic. Democrats celebrate the jobs they add to the economy. Libertarians of all stripes love them for their independence and key role in markets. It seems that only advocates of the various forms of…
Bring Back The Tactics Of The Civil Rights Movement
Several states have recently considered passing laws allowing legal discrimination against LGBT people. These laws are based on the notion of religious freedom. What is the proper left-libertarian response to these laws? The answer is advocacy of direct action. If the laws pass, we left-libertarians should engage in sit-ins analogous to what the Civil Rights…
If 99% Of Us Showed Up To Vote?
“So, what would happen if 99% of us got together and showed up to vote?” Ha, ha, it’s a trick question. If 99% of us got together and showed up to vote, 73,760,300 of us (= 23.5%) would be told to go to hell because they’re under 18, about 22,500,000 (= 7%) of us would…
A Moral Spring
Direct action — peaceful, dignified, civil disobedience — is practiced when one wishes to purposely break the law for a social, economic or environmental purpose. It is proper, even necessary, to disobey the law when human rights are at stake. It is proper to challenge the status quo. It is proper to challenge power structures and it is…
OU S4SS Hosts May Day Lecture On Direct Action (Audio)
The University of Oklahoma chapter of Students for a Stateless Society hosted a lecture on direct action by OU Philosophy Professor Stephen Ellis on May 1. The lecture begins at about 2:15.
Para Confrontar os Fascistas do Século 21
Esse deveria ser um esforço da comunidade, não responsabilidade apenas de uma vanguarda ativista.
Confronting Fascists in the 21st Century
Anonymous and the Modern Fight Against Fascism
Sons of a Laboring God
Joe Bageant: Getting Down and Dumb at Burt’s Tavern
Direct Action is Key
Darian Worden on grassroots oil disaster response in the Florida Keys.
No State Solution
Darian Worden on Israel and the Gaza Blockade
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