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Detroit Teachers Sick of the State’s Misspending
Recently more than 15,000 teachers with the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) did not show up for work, instead calling in sick and effectively shutting down 94 of the Detroit district’s 97 schools and leaving over 45,000 students on an unexpected holiday for two whole days. This mass sick-out was called for in an email…
Flint Water Crisis: The Libertarian Damage Control Begins
In their hasty scramble to blame the Flint water crisis on anything — anything at all — other than the regime of Emergency Managers and phony corporate “privatization” that Reason has been promoting for years in Michigan, Reason writers are forming a circular firing squad. Robby Soave, who had previously cheered on the Emergency Manager…
Disaster Capitalism in Flint
Naomi Klein coined the term “disaster capitalism” to describe what is virtually the only kind of “market reform” that ever takes place in the real world. In the event of collapse or emergency, capitalist elites seize uncontested control of a state and — in collusion with global corporations — force their agenda through without opposition….
Detroit, Disaster Capitalism and the Enclosure of the Water Commons
The “privatization” of local government functions under the state-appointed emergency manager in Detroit is lionized by a lot of right-leaning libertarians as an example of “free market reform.” But it’s a lot more accurate to treat it as flat-out looting — what Naomi Klein calls “disaster capitalism.” The so-called “privatization” of government assets, as it’s…
Mutualizing Water Services and Detroit
Some people in the city of Detroit recently had their water shut off due to 90 million dollars of past unpaid water dues. Much of the discussion that will probably emerge or has already emerged will revolve around whether to privatize the water supply there. This would probably involve contracting out services to a for profit…
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