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Lego and the Building Blocks of Patriarchy
The Lego corporation, popular producer of interlocking miniature toy bricks, has recently been making increased efforts to market its toys to girls. Some of these efforts have met with criticism from feminists, who worry about toys that are stereotypically “girly” in a way that reinforces traditional gender roles. In a recent piece titled “Un-PC Lego…
The Untenability of Libertarian Transphobia on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Meg Arnold and Alex McHugh’s “The Untenability of Libertarian Transphobia” read by Athena Roberts and edited by Tony Dreher. “Trans people are not calling for the feds to come sweeping in and arrest every person who’s had a transphobic thought. Rather, we have a truly classical liberal intention; we just want…
The Untenability of Libertarian Transphobia
Transgender people and issues are receiving more attention in media and policy spaces, but there seems to be some uncertainty from libertarians on how to go about approaching them in both personal and political contexts. This is odd from a group that boasted acceptance of same-sex unions long before the mainstream left or right and…
“Cultural Libertarianism” on Trial on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Daniel Pryor‘s “‘Cultural Libertarianism’ on Trial” read by Katrina Haffner and edited by Nick Ford. Overall, there is value in cultural libertarianism just as there is value in social justice activism. Both sides are guilty of hyperbole and fail to acknowledge their own camp’s malicious elements. Instead, they tar the entirety…
“Cultural Libertarianism” on Trial
In their July 20th Breitbart article, Milo Yiannopoulous and Allum Bokhari refer to the growing network of resistance to “social justice warriors” in the entertainment industry as “cultural libertarianism.” It’s a powerful term and intuitively appealing to supporters of a free society. Extending scepticism of “big government” to what the authors call “cultural authoritarianism” seems…
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