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Libertà di Cura: Una Riflessione
Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale: Some Thoughts on Liberating Medication, del 28 gennaio 2022. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Uno dei vanti principali del capitalismo vuole che sia il sistema che meglio fa incontrare domanda e offerta: se hai bisogno di un bene o di un servizio, il mercato capitalistico provvede. All’atto pratico, però, può avvenire l’esatto opposto. Un…
Some Thoughts on Liberating Medication
One of the central claims of capitalism is that it is the best system to bring supply and demand together; when people need a good or service, the capitalist market will provide. However, the reality of the situation can be quite the opposite. An excellent example of this—from my perspective as a lay person whose…
Mutual Exchange Radio: Jahed Momand on Epistemological Anarchism
You can now subscribe to Mutual Exchange Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. This month, we interrupt our scheduled episodes to bring you a special episode from the Please Try This at Home transhumanism conference. In this episode, podcast producer Alex McHugh interviews Jahed Momand on autonomous medicine. Jahed is a PNW-based anarchist interested in…
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