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Reason’s Cure for Flint: More of the Disease
In a Feb. 1 article at Reason, Adrian Moore outlines his solution for the poison water crisis in Flint. He states his proposal straightforwardly enough in the title: “Here’s How to Fix Flint’s Water System: Privatize It.” This strikes me as curing the disease with more of the same disease. Some right-libertarians are sure to…
An Unholy Trinity of Corporatism
It’s hardly news that Charles and David Koch are longtime supporters of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). For example, Institute for Humane Studies “Koch fellows” are heavily represented in staff jobs at ALEC, and frequently go on to head the task forces that draft model legislation. The Kochs stated some time ago their preference…
Telecoms Robbing Us With Government Help — Again
Once again, a telecommunications corporation — this time Verizon — is emptying its customers’ pockets, with government help. Must be a day that ends in “y.” In the past, New Jersey heavily subsidized the construction of DSL lines, in the form of excess customer rates, on the condition that they would continue to provide DSL…
No Grave a los Ricos, Rompa su Privilegio: Una Respuesta a Warren Buffett
Recientemente la blogosfera progresista hirvió con enlaces que alababan el último artículo de opinión en el New York Times del inversor multimillonario Warren Buffett, “Dejemos de Mimar a los Súper Ricos.” En el artículo, Buffett hace una concisa exposición de las lagunas legales que permiten a los estadounidenses más ricos pagar menos impuestos que sus homólogos…
Charles Koch Has No Power to Coerce Anybody; That’s Why He Needs Government
Carson: The corporate Pharisees of our day strain at a gnat using “free market” rhetoric to attack welfare for the poor, but swallow a camel when it comes to welfare for corporations.
Don’t Tax the Rich, Smash Their Privilege: A Response to Warren Buffett
Because in a free society, billionaires like Buffett might have to learn to work for a living.
The United States of ALEC
Bill Moyers takes on the crony capitalists at ALEC.
ALEC is an Enemy of Liberty
Goodman: With ALEC, Newspeak reaches new heights.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory