Bonus Episode: Camilo Gomez on Peru’s Presidential Crisis
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Hey everyone, this is a special Season 2 bonus episode with a new focus we’re trying out: C4SS around the world. Our network is a truly global one and if this is content y’all enjoy, I’d like to do a short series spotlighting some of the brilliant people we’re connected to outside of the U.S.

For this first episode, I interview C4SS contributor Camilo Gomez. Camilo hosts the podcast, “History and Politics” which has featured a few other folks from C4SS. Besides podcasting, Camilo is a freelance writer based in Lima. In this interview, Camilo walks us through what’s happening with the Peruvian presidential crisis and what anarchists and left-libertarians outside of Peru should know about the situation.

Let us know if you want to see more of this kind of content and we may make the series a part of our Season 3 line-up!

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