A Solution? To Be Read by Police, Politicians, Mean Parents, Etc.

Like every other intelligent person, I find violence repulsive. Violence is effectively the definition of “how to do something if you’ve not an ounce of cleverness.” In nature, the symbiotic relationship constitutes the ideal: it generates a sustainable and ecologically sound means of enjoying the little bit of time any one of us has here on Earth.

So why don’t more humans try it out?

Answer: they forget!

And I want to provide solace for those who find themselves a member of that fault-ridden species, Homo sapiens, when it comes to this disturbing realization. The method of finding out what to do often results in many unintended outcomes. When we started applying maths to this issue, we came up with “cybernetics” and “fuzzy logic.” But I don’t think we need to understand the math in order to apply the general idea to our current circumstances.

When you find that you’ve messed up or made a mistake—even a terrible one (perhaps, especially, in the case of a terrible one!)—the best thing to do involves making amends by changing your behavior. Often, instead of this approach, I notice people fashioning unbendable, concrete molds out of the belief system that got them in trouble.

I suggest you don’t do that. I suggest, instead, you do what any ingenious toddler would do when it tries to walk and fails: try again, modifying your approach in accordance with the results you really want, rather than deciding that the world around you must somehow be “all wrong” and your current, ineffective approach must Somehow, Mysteriously, hide a “greater truth” which your crawling about on all fours is Somehow, Mysteriously, “proof of the validity of.”

If you’re a cop or a politician or anyone else who believes that the general run of humanity—despite all the evidence of every other species we know of and claim, for some bizarrely speciesist reason—must be caged or beaten or threatened into “being good,” I would like to offer perhaps a Way Out of your predicament: give up.

There is great power in your paycheck, I know! You have so many friends and family members who would look at you askance if they Found Out that you Didn’t Believe As They Do—I know! I’m sorry that the world looks like an awful, villainous place of Terror and Threats to you…now.

But perhaps…maybe…you can relax? I’m not saying you can, by the gods, no! But, like when you suspend your disbelief for a time to enjoy a good book or movie, what if it were possible to just relax? What if that horrifying notion of “surrender”—the one you’ve been suggesting your “enemies” do for all these years—what if that notion holds the very key to your own freedom?

What if you tried it—giving up the notions that are keeping you from truly enjoying this little bit of time you have? Perhaps your superiors are wrong—perhaps they want to give up too?

I apologize—I know that even reading this has made you feel something…but I want you to consider, perhaps, that what you’re feeling is okay. What if…? What will you have lost if you don’t forget to try again, differently?

It can all be different, this time around. I want you to know that you are in good company! Anarchists are a jolly lot—we don’t beat people up, we don’t kill or maim or injure anyone. You’re safe with us! Even better, it’s like getting the best of both worlds: you get to retain and develop your individual identity AND enjoy the comfort of a symbiotic relationship that will further everyone’s best interests!

But THEY say that I’m NOT to accept this! THEY ALL SAY it will LEAD ME DOWN THE WRONG PATH! What if I get addicted?

I cannot guarantee that you won’t. Freedom and love, joy, and intelligence—these are addictive substances! Not killing or hurting—this may be weird to you now…but I promise, it will end your fear.


I’m not. But I have been made fun of before, so I know and understand your fear. This “anarchism” thing is (while being ancient and your natural state) wild, and new, and—like any fun ride—very scary sometimes…your friends and family may not understand. But they can. It is real—and it is immediately available for you to try out.

We won’t stop you from wanting to be who you are. But we will be here to help you if you want to do it. So I ask you, if you’ve made it this far, to give yourself a chance: you only have a little bit of time here on Earth. Don’t waste it!


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