JANUARY 6, 2019

The following is part of the 2019 May Poetry Feature at C4SS. 

I feel the grasp of your hand as it releases me. I fall & fall for what feels like forever. Landing in my own reality.

We’ve got mind, body, and soul; seven billion people trapped in a claustrophobic foxhole. Spinning & spinning & spinning as if they’d simultaneously stepped on a landmine.

It’s so sad to see, every week the pain you inflict. Masses of people bleeding as one.

Superstition & religion, dropped on us like an H-bomb. Decadence is a social norm.

I can’t be responsible for what you believe; but take my hand & I’ll show you my reality.

Corrupted for the wrong reasons, your masters have abandoned you. Leaving an impression, marked by desire.

Freedom and security.

Sold your own soul for love

Life is no liberty.

You strut around, higher than life. Minding your own, blissfully controlled.

The media is mediocre.

The government, barely sober.

I plead with you, look down once in a while.

Look at the strings attached to your mind, body, and soul,

Who’s controlling you???

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