We are ungovernable

Listen. I’m genuinely afraid of a Trump presidency, and I’m really not looking forward to a Clinton presidency either. Do I think one is more-or-less “preferable” to the other? Yeah I do. Ultimately, though: the next president will have just as much blood on their hands as, if not more than, the last 44 have.

But on late nights, when I feel destructive nihilism creep up on me, I remind myself that anarchism has no time for despair. Anarchism is about getting shit done, not stewing in misery over electoral politics and its dis- and malcontents.

And I remember the slogan:

“No matter who they vote for, we are ungovernable.”

Anarchism has a lot to offer freedom-loving people. Anarchists have proven time and again that they can create vestiges of the new world in the infected, but still-breathing body of the old. Capitalists are not the only people who find opportunities in crises. It’s *been* high time for us to engage our emergency hearts and build institutions of counterpower strong enough to fight fascist characters like Donald Trump and his brownshirts, but it still isn’t too late.

We are rarely in a position to win, but keep in mind that the State has been trying to kill us for at least three centuries, and we’re still fucking here.

I have hope for our future yet.

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