Media Coordinator Report, November 2015

These are our numbers and some comments on November:

  • 17 op-eds published (+7 compared to October);
  • 32 pickups (average of 1.9 per article, a disappointing dip compared to the previous month, when we got a 3.7 average);
  • The Syrian refugee crisis has occupied the headlines in the last few months, and our most republished article reflects that. Sheldon Richman’s Let the Refugees In was picked up 8 times. Sheldon’s Why Assad Isn’t ‘Our Son of a Bitch’ came in second with five pickups.

We didn’t have time to celebrate last month, but Jason Farrell’s Why Libertarians are Failing at Politics was reprinted by USA Today! That was huge and a great feather in the cap of our media efforts! And congratulations to Jason!

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