“Peace Through Strength” and Other Lies on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “‘Peace Through Strength’ and Other Lies” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford.


Maybe we should ask ourselves, though, whether America really is the good guy — or whether it’s the power that needs to be deterred. And if you look at its record of invasions, coups and support for terrorist groups and death squads since WWII, the United States is the hands-down winner as most aggressive power in the world. The overthrow of Arbenz, Mossadeq and Sukarno; the installation — and subsequent overthrow — of Diem, along with war crimes in Vietnam; support for Mobutu, for Central American death squads, and for Shell’s death squads in Nigeria and Indonesia; the wave of military dictatorships that swept South America with the help of the CIA and Operation Condor; the East Timor invasion; the destabilization of Afghanistan (the primary factor in the rise of Al Qaeda); the criminal aggression in Iraq (the primary factor in the rise of AQ Iraq and ISIS) … Someone should write a “Black Book of American Imperialism” as a companion volume to the one on communism.

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