“Charged as Adults” — Brad Schimel Edition

So, two 12-year-olds allegedly stab another 12-year old multiple times in an effort to call forth creepy fictional character “Slender Man.” Two things about that should be immediately obvious to sane adults: The two kids are kids, and the two kids are, in a word, crazy.

But an allegedly sane adult has chosen to charge them “as adults” and to resist attempts to treat them as what they obviously are.

Do you even have to ask why? If so, the answer is “because Waukeshau County Prosecutor Brad Schimel is running for the office of Wisconsin Attorney General.”

Yes, it’s horrifying that two 12-year-olds would stab a third 12-year-old. But it’s far more horrifying that a politician is able to sacrifice all three of those 12-year-olds on the altar of his political ambitions.

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