For a New Levelling on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents ‘s “For a New Levelling” from the Students for a Stateless Society‘s Volume 1, Issue 1 of THE NEW LEVELLER read by Stephen Ledger and edited by Nick Ford.

The Levellers didn’t like the term “Levellers,” though, preferring “Agitators.” This was because they felt that “Leveller” misleadingly implied they wanted to reduce everyone to the same level, and as individualists, they didn’t.

So why call this publication “The New Leveller?” Why use a name from the 17th-century that wasn’t even liked by the group that got stuck with it?

We proudly take on the name “New Leveller,” because as individualist anarchists, we are their philosophical descendants. Furthermore, even if they didn’t see it this way, there is something they were working to level, and it still needs leveling.

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