The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 2

Welcome to the second edition of my libertarian leftist weekly review! There are many exciting new pieces to share. I will be sending 30 a week. Let’s get started.

A hot topic of late has been the potential war with Syria. Here are some articles addressing it from an anti-war/anti-imperialist perspective:

1. Rob Urie talks about U.S. imperialism and potential war with Syria.

2. Sheldon Richman talks about how the people fought off a potential war with Syria.

3. Ernesto J. Sanchez discusses the history of U.S. intervention in Syria.

4. Rob Urie discusses Obama’s attitude towards Syria.

More anti-militarist pieces below:

1. A poem written by Mitchel Cohen, Sandy Ure Griffin, and Joel Landy about not fighting Obama’s war anymore.

2. Bob Dreyfuss and Nick Turse discuss Afghan victims of the war.

3. Thaddeus Russell discusses the history of militarist liberalism.

4. John Pilger has a great piece below on Chile.

As a libertarian leftist; the rights and struggles of labor are of concern to me. I present you with several pieces pertaining to labor politics:

1. Corey Robin discusses the ACLU’s authoritarian policies towards its employees.

2. Corey Robin also has a great piece on academic and employee freedom in Oregon.

3. Much of the Egyptian economy is controlled by the military elite. It’s no surprise that labor played a role in the Egyptian revolution. This article discusses how labor may be targeted by the new military regime.

One thing that distinguishes left-wing market anarchists from right-wing libertarians is our distinction between the market economy and capitalism.

Ex-libertarian, Gus DiZerega, offers his own unique take on the distinction in a two part series of blog posts:

1. Capitalism vs. The Market.

2. Capitalism vs. The Market II: Reintegrating Markets Into Civil Society.

One aspect of arguing against the War on Drugs is humanizing its victims. This article discusses the mythology surrounding crack addicts.

Anthony Gregory discusses why the Black Panthers were right on gun control.

David S. D’Amato discusses why the draft is un-libertarian.

Kevin Carson on IP.

Book review on a book about empire’s aftermath.

Nicola Nasser discusses the bad turn the Arab Spring has taken.

Graham Peebles discusses repression in Ethiopia.

Franklin Lamb remembers the massacres at Sabra and Shatila.

Asawin Suebsaeng discusses a great new movie on torture.

Matt Welch interviews Jeremy Scahill.

John Stossel discusses why trade is superior to war.

Justin Raimondo on Obama’s Contras.

Shane Harris on drones.

Scott Martelle discusses how big banks are manipulating legislation to target credit unions.

Tom Englehardt pens an open letter to the next Snowden.

Sheldon Richman reviews Living Economics.

A few chess pieces from the site

1. Michael McGuerty reviews Magnus Force.

2. Steve Goldberg reviews The King in Jeopardy.






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