The C4SS Tor Fundraiser is a Success, but We Can Still Use Your Support

The C4SS Tor fundraiser will close tomorrow, April 25th. It has been a 130% success!

If you would like to support this project, you still can. Every dollar that we raise over the requested amount will go towards maintaining the Tor Node for the next quarter after this one. So please feel free to contribute a little or a lot to this project.

C4SS needs your support to grow. We function on the enthusiasm of writers and volunteers, but it is the continued donations of supporters that keeps us going. We have big plans and even bigger dreams for the Center and we need your help.

Fundraising is not begging or charity. Fundraising is a barometer of success, support and professionalism. It is about offering an opportunity to participate in the project, the task at hand. So we ask you, dear supporters, let us know how we are doing and play a crucial part in our success.

There are many ways you can support our work. The quickest and easiest way is to share our content with your social networks or review our articles on your blog.

For larger and sustained projects, C4SS relies on micro-donations. We would prefer not to be dependent upon large donations from a small number of supporters, but we will happily accept large donations. Instead we prefer small donations from as many supporters as possible. We prefer micro-donations. We want swarms! 300 supporters donating $5 a month carries more information and networked sustainability than 5 supporters donating $300 a month. It would show us that our work is relevant and desired. And we will be able to bring you more of it.

Please contribute $5 today.

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Donate via mail with check or money order:

Make checks payable to “The Molinari Institute“.

The Center for a Stateless Society
P.O. Box 471998
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74147

We accept Bitcoin

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Donation address: 1N1pF6fLKAGg4nH7XuqYQbKYXNxCnHBWLB
(Bitcoin treasurer: Mike Gogulski)

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