Stop saying “rat poison” when you mean “cheesecake”
The following are comments that highlight a number of points by Thomas L. Knapp.

1. “Anarcho-capitalists want nothing to do with the State.”

If that’s the case, then they are not capitalists, since capitalism requires the state. …

2. “Capitalism” is “a mixed, state-regulated industrial economy.” That’s what the word meant when Thackeray coined it, that’s what the word meant when Marx popularized it, and that’s what the word means to the vast, overwhelming majority of people today.

I don’t accept “anarcho-capitalism”‘s expropriation of the word. You might be an anarchist or you might be a capitalist, but whichever you are, you aren’t both. …

3. “When anarcho-capitalist say capitalism they mean a FREE MARKET, not a regulated one.”

I’m sure they do. That’s what they need to extract crania from recta, learn some English and some history, and stop saying “rat poison” when they mean “cheesecake.”

Thing is, I attempt to give “anarcho-capitalists” maximum benefit of doubt and assume that they are anarchists in error rather than capitalists doing cosplay.

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