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Two essays by the individualist anarchist writer Charles Johnson on the brutal consequences of government border laws and the need for uncompromising urgency in the struggle to abolish them.

According to the ruling elite of the United States, as well as the rank-and-file of the Know-Nothing bellowing blowhard busybody brigade, all the people of the world must be segregated according to their nationality. If they won’t stay in ‘their’ place voluntarily, then the government had better make them stay there through paramilitary lockdowns at national borders and rigid enforcement of a state-imposed passbook (‘visa,’ ‘passport’) system to control where people can live and work, which is to say a system of government permission slips for existing.

And all for what? To avoid the voluntary co-mingling of people from different countries? To ensure that the people of the world hear only one language, live and work with people of only one nationality, remain segregated, either by penning them up in their government-appointed place or else by making sure you can monitor all their movements according to a government-created system of passbooks and minders? The idea would be laughable if not for all the ghosts—the ghosts of millions upon millions of real, living, irreplaceable and unique individual people, who were turned back, ruined, persecuted, mutilated, tortured, starved, and murdered for the sake of that idea. There is another way….

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