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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 122
Peter Van Buren discusses U.S. foreign policy. Roderick T. Long discusses Ancient Greece and liberty. Stephen Kinzer discusses the Iran nuclear deal and the forces working to derail it. Shay Lafontaine discusses NATO and the humanitarian disemberment of Yugoslavia. Dan Sanchez discusses superhero movies and post-9/11 themes. Ivan Eland discusses U.S. foreign policy. Binoy Kampmark…
The Government Needs to Put Itself on the No-Fly List
I usually don’t dip my feet into the perilous waters of the gun-control debate for several reasons: I’m not a gun-owner, guns have never interested me as either a pastime or culturally, and having the capacity to end people’s lives easily unnerves me. Be this as it may, I still strongly oppose gun control and Obama’s…
Paul Anthony Ciancia: What He Did Was Wrong, But Not For the Reason You Might Think
Easily the most persistent question that arises when we endure another shooting such as the recent one at LAX in which a TSA agent was killed and others injured is “Why?” It appears that the shooter, 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, had one thing in mind: Killing TSA agents. He did not appear to want to…
The TSA Shooter: Anarchist Hero or Statist War Criminal?
It’s been suggested that market anarchists should feel “grateful” to accused LAX shooter Paul Ciancia for killing TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez and wounding several others. After all, by market anarchist standards, the TSA is a criminal organization, subjecting travelers to intrusive and humiliating rights-violations. The fact that the TSA is a government agency constitutes no…
LAX Shootings: Propaganda of the Deed?
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, “propaganda of the deed” — individual acts of violence intended to inspire revolution — became the signature anarchist activity. Among the prominent casualties were French president Sadi Carnot, American president William McKinley and Italian King Umberto I. Although propaganda of the deed has faded into history as…
Secure Persons and Privacy
Darian Worden: True security is founded on liberty at home and abroad.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory