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Ferguson, Accept No Substitutes: Abolish the Police!
Back in August 2014 a man named Michael Brown was shot by a police officer, Darren Wilson. Brown was unarmed and found himself in the hostile climate that exists between people of color and the police. His resulting death was the spark that lit the fire. Protests for #BlackLivesMatter began in earnest, people rallied for…
Missing Comma (For Real This Time): No, We Don’t Believe Alternet Is Part Of The “Kochtopus”
Last night I published a dumb joke that also served as a semi-congratulations to C4SS’s media coordinator, Thomas L. Knapp, for getting published in Alternet. It was not a well-crafted joke, and as indicated by some of your confused reactions in the comments section, it was much too inside-baseball to work, especially given the low…
This week, popular liberal-progressive news aggregator Alternet published an article by one Thomas Knapp, a former Libertarian Party campaign manager, on Google’s descent into surveillance state madness. While the article had plenty of legitimate points of concern regarding Google’s behavior, and pointed out, quite rightly, that all citizens are considered to be criminals by the State,…
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