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Elections and the Technocratic Ideology on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Erick Vasconcelos‘ “Elections and the Technocratic Ideology” read by Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford. It’s not about being governed or not, it’s about who is going to do the governing. Who would we want to sit on the Iron Throne if not a “specialist?” Someone who wouldn’t be driven by politico-ideological…
Elezioni e Ideologia Tecnocratica
Chi vota per politici come il candidato alla presidenza brasiliana Aecio Neves, così come molti dei simpatizzanti del suo partito (Partito Socialdemocratico Brasiliano, Psdb), spesso va in confusione quando scopre che idee come “efficienza” nel settore pubblico, “cura choc”, e “professionalità” di governo non attirano larghe fette della popolazione. Si tratta di un’idea moderatamente diffusa,…
Elections and the Technocratic Ideology
People who vote for politicians such as Brazilian presidential candidate Aecio Neves, as well as many of his party’s supporters (the Social Democracy Brazilian Party, PSDB), are often dumbfounded when they find out how unappealing ideas of “efficiency” in the public sector, “management shock,” and “professionalization” in government are to a large sector of the population. It’s…
My God! It’s Full of Tsars!
Thomas L. Knapp on the proliferation of bureaucratic tsars.
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