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La Pandemia e la Minaccia degli Adulti
Di James Tuttle. Originale pubblicato il 18 agosto 2020 con il titolo Pandemics and the Threat from Adults. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Autodifesa è parola riverita. Nel contesto politico, è considerata una dura conquista rivoluzionaria, con la sua sacralità e i suoi strumenti scritti nei codici e sulle t-shirt. Voi avete il diritto di difendervi….
Pandemics and the Threat From Adults
Self-defense is one of those terms that is revered. In a political context, it is regarded as a hard-won revolution with its sacredness and instruments enshrined in amendments and on t-shirts.  You have the right to defend yourself. This month (August 2020), politicians must decide if schools are going to reopen during an active pandemic….
There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free School at Michaela Community School
The Independent recently reported that the Michaela Community School (MCS) in Wembley, London, is being accused of giving its students detention if their parents are unable to make payments for their child’s lunches. As punishment the school enforces a “lunch isolation” where a child is given fruit and a sandwich instead of a hot meal…
The Pernicious State
Government is more than a territorial monopoly on aggressive force. It’s also the heir to a centuries-old manufactured mystique, reinforced through its schools and other institutions, regarding its sanctity and sacrosanctity. The mystique is generated by and tends to manifest itself in the dogma that one’s State is uniquely virtuous and deserves to be judged…
There is No Pipeline, Schools are Prisons
We are told there is a pipeline in the United States that travels from our school system to our criminal justice system. Correct as the data corroborating the pipeline’s existence may be, it is a flawed way of conceptualizing the issue. There is no pipeline out of schools and into prisons, because schools and prisons…
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