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Come Contestare la “Voce Ufficiale” e Come No
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 30 novembre 2023 con il titolo How and How Not to Question the “Mainstream Narrative”. Traduzione italiana di Enrico Sanna. Per quei pochi che non lo sanno, Russel Brand, un tempo più o meno di sinistra, è uno di quelli che, come Naomi Wolf, ad un certo punto è…
How and How Not to Question the “Mainstream Narrative”
In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is unfamiliar with him, Russell Brand is a one time more-or-less leftist who, like Naomi Wolf, has gone down the rabbit hole of batshittery (he endorses the “Great Reset” conspiracy, among other things). Rape accusations against Brand have provoked howls all over the nuttier right-wing websites and…
Some Social Challenges That Won’t Magically Go Away With a Biden Presidency
2020 will be remembered for a lot, and one of the obvious low points is the start of a global pandemic. However, for many this will be offset (at least partly) by an incredible high point: The election that unseated Donald Trump. At least symbolically, this was (and still is) celebrated as a sizable blow…
Disrupt J20: The Fight Against Fascism and Fake News
With the recent hubbub about fake news I couldn’t help but think about the fact that most of the news we have consumed throughout our lives has been intentionally misleading and spun to fit the narrative of government officials and corporate sponsors. At no point was this more apparent to me personally than watching the…
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