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Them Pore Ol’ Banks Need All the Help They Can Get
At Reason (“The Government Wants To Cap Credit Card Late Fees. It Will Hurt the Poor“), Veronique de Rugy shows levels of compassion for the poor suffering banks that hasn’t been seen since John Stossel condemned the immorality of walking away from underwater mortgages. De Rugy starts off on a note seemingly calculated to alienate…
The Statist Assault on Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are not having a good time right now.  An estimated half trillion dollars has been erased with the recent market crash, ending the mania we’ve seen in the space since late last year. As stunning as the numbers are, this is nothing new for the infamously volatile crypto industry. More worryingly for cryptocurrency, and…
Anti-Statists for LA’s Public Bank: Charter Amendment B
Very soon, the citizens of Los Angeles, California will vote on Charter Amendment B. This amendment, if passed, will allow for the creation of a public bank for the city. Although I am not a resident of LA or even California, I’d like to give my tentative support for this amendment and outline why I…
Crowdsourcing a New Wall Street?
As many in the libertarian community already know, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne recently unveiled a plan to build a revolutionary new model of finance on the back of the old financial system. Namely, by creating a Bitcoin equivalent of the New York Stock Exchange in hopes of eventually replacing Wall Street entirely with a crypto-security trading system…
El “Abismo Fiscal”: Jim y Buzz Redux
Es el “juego de la gallina” de Rebelde sin Causa que vuelve a repetirse. Pero esta vez están conduciendo TUS autos.
The New Class and Its Government Nexus, Part I
The government has a bit too much invested in the financial sector for, well, the financial sector’s own good.
The Student Loan Debt System
Keith Taylor: The untold story of student loan debt.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory