C4SS Media Coordinator Update, 03/25/11

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Dear C4SS Supporters,

After a brief “slump,” we seem to have worked the kinks out. We’re back into double digits for mainstream media “pickups” of C4SS commentaries this week!

First, submissions: On the strength of content that’s “internationally submittable” — of global interest rather than parochial (with respect to any particular country, but the usual suspect is the United States) — I’ve made 11,333 discrete op-ed submissions to 2,834 publications this week.

Next, “pickups.” So far this week, I’ve detected 12 of them on four continents:

In my final media coordinator update of 2010, I noted that we were approaching 100 “mainstream pickups” at about the seven-month mark of actively submitting, and that I expected us to hit 200 by the end of our first year this coming June. If this coming week works out as well as the past one has, we’ll pass the 200 mark before my next update, and before the end of March.

C4SS content also continues to show up in places that may not quite fit the “MSM” mold, but which are nonetheless valuable outlets. A few that come to mind this week: Libertarian Strategy Monthly, the Libertarian Alliance blog, Infoshop News, Gonzo Times and the Bastiat Institute. I’ll try to get back to mentioning (and linking) a few of these sites each week — if I missed you this time, I’ll be back around.

Finally: If you like what we’re accomplishing at C4SS, please help us continue and expand on our efforts. With only a week to go on our current fundraiser — which we’re running to pay C4SS’s workers for work they’ve already done and which you can see some of the results of above — we’re at only 49% of our modest goal. Check out the top of the right sidebar on any page at c4ss.org for the “ChipIn” widget, and show us some love.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
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