Mutual Exchange Radio: John Cavanaugh on Data Privacy & The Digital Divide
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This episode of MER features Alex McHugh interviewing John Cavanaugh of the digital-privacy organization, The Plunk Foundation.

The Plunk Foundation promotes digital data privacy through education, advocacy, and policy recommendations, and by developing privacy tools and tech. Our conversation ranges from the deeper discussion on consent and privacy as related to self-ownership, to the more practical question of how to ethically navigate today’s digital landscape and the potential for privacy-focused tech.

John Cavanaugh is the Executive Director and Privacy Evangelist at the Plunk Foundation. John’s role is to provide executive leadership and work directly and collaboratively with the Board of Directors to establish the vision and direction of the Plunk Foundation. John has spent the last 10 years helping college students, veterans, and professionals connect through various grant opportunities and university affiliations.

Thanks again for listening to this episode of Mutual Exchange Radio! If you’d like to follow up with John on anything we discussed here, you can find him on LinkedIn, or contact him via email at

And look out for another MER episode in June, in which C4SS scholar Nathan Goodman chats with Chris Coyne and Abigail Hall about their new book “How to Run Wars.” The book is available from June 18th, and presents a surprisingly humorous, satirical take on the military-industrial complex and the US empire. 

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