Help Save SEK III’s Agorist Archive!

There’s an effort underway to digitize and catalog the writings of Samuel Edward Konkin III, founder of the Agorist movement. While some of his work is preserved in publications, there’s a lot that hasn’t been digitized or even organized yet and Victor Korman has taken on the project. Here’s a bit on what’s in the archive from the GoFundMe description:

I came into possession of much of Sam’s letters and records when he moved out of the AnarchoVillage in the mid-1980s. I had a garage there storing a lot of his stuff, which he said I could keep. Then once more — when he moved out of another apartment building in Culver City (which he dubbed The AnarchoVilla) — I was given leave to take more personal papers as well as his geriatric Macs (a PowerBook 150 and Powerbook 1400c) and a spindle of his backup data DVDs.

In addition, I possess the original videotapes and audiotapes that I recorded for courses he taught at The Agorist Institute and speeches he gave elsewhere in the late 1980s, which need to be converted from VHS and audiocassette to digital video and lossless digital audio formats.

We support this preservation effort for its value as a resource, while recognizing the problematic nature of some of Konkin’s ties and their contributions to the archive (i.e. Lew Rockwell and J.J. Martin).

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