Mutual Exchange Radio: Kevin Carson on Libertarian Municipalism

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Today’s guest is Kevin Carson, a senior fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society who holds the Center’s Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory. He has written books such as Studies in Mutualist Political EconomyOrganization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective, and The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto, all of which are freely available on C4SS’ website — or, in print at the C4SS store.

Today, we discussed a study he published last year for the Center on New Libertarian Municipalism. Libertarian Municipalism is an idea that has its roots in one of the most famous social anarchist thinkers of the twentieth century, Murray Bookchin. However, Kevin is more interested in modern movements focusing on a more decentralized model of a market economy based on common ownership of certain resources, drawing from thinkers such as Elinor Ostrom.

Next month, tune in for a conversation with Maggie McNeil, an expert on sex workers’ rights and the decriminalization of sex work. Maggie writes for publications such as Reason magazine, her own blog The Honest Courtesan, and was recently featured in the documentary The War on Whores. Our conversation will focus on the legal and ethical issues surrounding the criminalization of sex work and the impact of prohibition on society at large. I’m sure it will be a fun and enlightening conversation.

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