The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 121

Peter Van Buren discusses a new documentary on drones.

Noam Chomsky discusses who rules the world.

Dan Sanchez discusses schooling and war.

Sarah Leah Whitson discusses the U.S. backed Saudi war on Yemen.

Noam Chomsky discusses the state of the world.

Roderick T. Long discusses Thucydides and the language of power.

Ivan Eland discusses Trump and foreign policy.

Rupert Stone discusses torture and its effectiveness.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses the history of WW2.

William Astore discusses U.S. foreign policy.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses taking responsibility for war.

Medea Benjamin discusses the similiarties between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Barrett Brown discusses a book on Henry Kissinger.

Paul R. Pillar discusses the Iranian nuclear agreement.

David Gordon discusses a book on non-interventionism and arguments for it.

Tom Engelhardt discusses the U.S. govt’s addiction to military power.

Bruce Fein discusses Elon Musk as crony capitalist.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the atomic bombings and war crimes.

Matthew Harwood discusses a book on the dark net.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses a controversy over Albright speaking at a college.

Dr. Fuad K. Suleiman discusses a conservative foreign policy. I disagree with much of it, but it has a few decent points.

Paul Street discusses the dropping of the atomic bombs.

Rania Khalek discusses Donald Trump attacking Hilary Clinton on foreign policy.

Ann Wright discusses a chaplain who resigned form the U.S. Army to protest the warfare state’s actions.

Uri Avnery discusses the Israeli statement of independence.

Luciana Bohne discusses American hegemony.

Robert Fantina discusses U.S. govt hypocrisy.

Neera K. Badhwar discusses morality.

Jason Kuznicki discusses the limits of libertarian radicalism.

Ben Norton discusses a new book on the drone wars.

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