Instead of a Book, by a Man too Lazy to Write One

I’ve been writing at my site Abolish Work for a few years now and I’m really encouraged by all of the support that’s come in so many different shapes in sizes. That support has given me the confidence to reach out to Little Black Cart, an anarchist publisher whose books C4SS has reviewed many times, regarding a proposal for an anti-work anthology.

I’m happy to report not only that Little Black Cart accepted my proposal, but also that my book is fully underway and will likely be published in 2016. Its title, Instead of a Book, by a Man too Lazy to Write One, is inspired by Benjamin Tucker.

I have many articles, blog posts and essays designated for the book, but I’m always interested in more.

If you’d like to contribute to the book, the deadline for submissions is May 1st with a 1000-2000 suggested word-limit. Some categories that’ll be covered include the relationship between individualist anarchism and work, reviews of anti-work media such as books or movies and commentaries on news stories from an anti-work perspective.

For those confused, anti-work doesn’t mean “anti-effort.” By work, all I mean is a type of constrained labor that individuals engage in, not for their own sense of self, but because of some sort of external reward, usually money. Much of work in the current economy is made up of individuals who feel underappreciated, uninvolved and generally uninterested in whatever they’re doing. They do what they do because they need the money but once they get the paycheck they couldn’t be happier to be as far away from whatever they were just doing for most of their day.

These are the sorts of relationships I think should be abolished. Instead, I think we should move towards a world where play is more central and people are better able to express their individuality and do what makes them feel fulfilled.

If these ideas appeal to you then please feel free to reach out to me with submission ideas.

Happy slacking!

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