Anarchy in DC!

Thanks to many generous radicals, the Center for a Stateless Society has raised enough money to sponsor the International Students For Liberty Conference this February. Students For Liberty, an international non-profit organization dedicated to empowering pro-liberty student leaders and training them to be agents of change in their communities, hosts the biggest, loudest gathering of liberty-minded individuals in the world every year in the belly of the beast. Last year over 1,700 liberty lovers trekked to the most wretched place on Earth in order to learn, educate, network, party, and organize with SFL.

C4SS joined in on the fun last year, hosting a social with over 100 guests interested in the ideas of left-wing market anarchism, and putting together an exhibitor table, distributing countless zines, pamphlets, books, and pins to students from around the globe who are favorable to the Center’s synthesis of leftist concerns about social domination and economic exploitation with libertarian concerns about state oppression and dwindling personal freedom.

This year, the Center for a Stateless Society will again be making the journey to D.C. in order to represent the left-libertarian branch of the coalition that Students For Liberty aims to bring together once every twelve months. We will have our table in the exhibitor hall with all the left-libertarian goodies you can think of, giving a voice to those libertarians who feel at home with those who care about social justice and leftists who feel at home with those who care about liberty. We are also putting on another social this year, the details of which can be found here, if having lunch with dozens of other left market anarchists you’ve met on the internet is your thing.

The Center would like to thank its supporters, whether they had the ability to donate or not, for their continuing advocacy of a leftism that cares about the individual and a libertarianism that cares about the social. We hope you can join us in Washington D.C. on February 26-28 to build a community with fellow liberty-minded folks and see the amazing personal and professiona, opportunities that the ISFLC and the countless guests and sponsor organizations have to offer.

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