Media Coordinator Report, December 2015 and January 2016

Since I skipped last month’s report, here are our numbers and a few comments for both December and January.



Some general comments:

  • It’s worth noticing we’ve maintained a steady output. Over the last two months, we had an op-ed for almost every week day of the month!
  • Also, thankfully, we’ve been able to tackle subjects that are being picked up by several publications. A goal I had set myself when I started as Media Coordinator was to get an average of 3 pickups per article at least. I’ve been able to do it by expanding the pool of publications we send our work to. At the moment, we send our op-eds to almost 3,400 publications worldwide. And I’m still working on getting more newspapers and websites on our list (as well as trimming the fat!).
  • Augusta Free Press has been a great partner of ours, republishing a lot of our work. In January, News LI has also started doing so. Thank you for getting our word out there!
  • Sheldon Richman has been our runaway champion in pickups. In his 10 articles published in December and January, he had an average of 5.8 pickups. Congrats and thanks for all the great work, Sheldon!

This is it! As you can see, we’ve been doing a lot, but we can do even more with your help.

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Erick Vasconcelos
Media Coordinator

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