Charter Schools and Other Right Libertarian False Gods on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Charter Schools and Other Right Libertarian False Gods” read by John Moore and edited by Tony Dreher.

If you’re the kind of libertarian who objects to the public schools on those grounds, charter schools aren’t any kind of alternative at all. Students in New Orleans public schools — where they literally regulate how you sit, and you can get detention for stepping off a line while marching down the hall — “described feeling like they were in prison, or bootcamp. Teachers felt demoralized, like they didn’t have a voice in the classroom.” The “STARR” sitting rules, by the way, include “Track the speaker with your eyes” — a pretty clear sign of their utter disregard for the information processing styles of non-neurotypical students. But hey, they’ll be prepared to follow the Walmart rule someday.

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