Editor’s Report, November 2015

November was business as usual for C4SS in the op-ed department. We’ve always got the world’s events covered from our distinct left market anarchist perspective. Nick Ford called into question the state’s protection racket, providing us with some staggering statistics surrounding civil asset forfeiture. Joel Schlosberg commemorated the centennial anniversary of the execution of radical labor activist Joe Hill. Ryan Calhoun called out the extreme hypocrisy of Nationalist-Christians in America and their hatred of the refugees.

C4SS also continued its exciting new program, Mutual Exchange. November’s topic, Property: Occupancy and Use, brought forth a lead essay from Kevin Carson, followed by responses from Shawn Wilbur, William Schnack, Robert Kirchner, Fred Folvardy, Jason Byas and William Gillis. As I write this, November’s participants are still producing content. It’s been a vibrant conversation and we thank all the writers for contributing to what’s been a really informative and high-level symposium.

A few other noteworthy items:

In addition to his participation in Mutual Exchange, Carson took a brief timeout to lambaste Lew Rockwell and Hans Hoppe over their odious, un-libertarian positions on immigration.

Sheldon Richman’s work, as usual, circulated far and wide, getting picked up by Newsweek as well as another unlikely source: John Kasich’s Presidential campaign advertising. I wonder if the Kasich people got the memo that Sheldon is an anarchist?

Nick Ford concluded his in-depth review of Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority. Part One of the review can be seen here.

November was a busy and productive month for C4SS. Between our sharp and incisive news commentary, Mutual Exchange, continued reprints of left-libertarian classics, book reviews, and blogging, we’ve got a lot of irons in the fire heading into December. But that’s what we do. And we couldn’t do it without you, our readers. Please help keep us going and growing by making a donation via Paypal, Patreon, or any of our other countless giving platforms:

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