Bland, McKenna, and the State’s Psychiatric Weapon on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Ryan Calhoun‘s “Bland, McKenna, and the State’s Psychiatric Weapon”  read by Thomas J. Webb and edited by Nick Ford.

It’s clear McKenna’s death was no accident, just as a woman who dies as a result of her husband beating her is no accident. McKenna’s physical condition leaves no doubt that her killers were out of control. The coroner’s report is misleading in its tortured formality. Neither McKenna’s schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, nor her “excited delirium” killed her. Police officers beating and shocking her into a coma did. Regardless of whether or not the coroner’s report was deliberately written to confuse, it’s certainly being used by defenders of McKenna’s killers to obscure what actually happened. It was her own deranged mind, her excited, irrational mental state, which killed her. It’s as if her own body turned on her, causing an uncontrollable death spiral, which police could do little to control. Her status as a psychiatric case is used as a weapon against her.

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