The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 91

Patrap Chatterjeee discusses the lack of lone rangers in drone warfare.

Phillip Magness discusses the Civil War from a classical liberal perspective.

Cory Massimino discusses what libertarians are ahead of the curve on.

Norman Solomon discusses perpetual war and Democratic Party enablers.

Stephen Zunes discusses Hilary Clinton’s stance on BDS.

Neera K. Badhwar discusses pathologies of power.

Ralph Nader discusses blowback created by U.S. foreign policy.

Robert Fantina discusses Hilary Clinton’s stance on Israel.

Nebojsa Malic discusses the political use of the Srebrenica tragedy to justify war.

Gareth Porter discusses U.S. slowdown in Iranian talks.

Robert Parry discusses the mess that Nuland made.

Virgil Henry Storr and Laura E. Grube discuss Hurricane Katrina and civil society.

George H. Smith discusses Spinoza’s views on freedom of thought.

Richard Lachmann, Michael Schwartz, and Kevin Young discuss why there is hatred for the deal with Iran.

Gareth Porter discusses how a weaker Iran got sanctions lifted.

Ron Jacobs discusses women, girls, and the War on Terror.

Raouf J. Halaby discusses how the Palestinians don’t gain anything from the recent Iran deal.

Susan Abulhawa discusses why everyone missed the point about Merkel and the Palestinian refugee program.

David Stockman discusses Obama’s stiffing of the war party.

Glenn Greenwald discusses whether attacking military sites of a nation at war is terrorism.

Shane Smith discusses the dangerously vague romance of war.

Justin Raimondo discusses the liberal police state.

Max Blumenthal discusses the next Gaza War.

Sheldon Richman discusses Rothbardian thoughts on libertarian strategy.

David Mizner discuses Hilary and the Libyan war.

Robert Parry discusses U.S. responsibility for destabilization of the Middle East.

Jacob Sullum discusses what Obama can do to free imprisoned drug offenders.

Dan Sanchez discusses stopping U.S. support for Jim Crow Israel.

Ivan Eland discusses lessons from Obama’s Libyan war.

Daniel Larison discusses Walker and the evils of preventative war.

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