The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 90

Robert C. Koehler discusses the torture of absolute power.

William R. Polk discusses not learning from Middle Eastern mistakes.

Thomas L. Knapp discusses government debt.

Steven Horwitz discusses how marriage doomsday never comes.

David N. Gibbs discusses the Srebrenica precedent.

George Leef discusses a book on how liberals make it more difficult for blacks to succeed.

Jack Hunter discusses why it’s foolish to use the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of smaller government.

A.J. Delgado discusses Marco Rubio’s foreign policy views.

James Bovard discusses the documents purporting to tie the Saudis to the 9-11 attacks.

Ron Paul discusses ending U.S. interventionism against Cuba as a way of creating normal relations.

Kevin Carson discusses why we need more treason rather than less.

Avens O’ Brien discusses empathy.

Walter Olson discusses the case for pluralism in adoption.

Jonathan Cook discusses why Israel’s army of spin doctors is doomed to defeat.

Dan Sanchez discusses how U.S. interventionism creates more terrorists.

Radley Balko discusses extremist violence in the U.S.

Greg Grandin discusses the Confederate flag and endless war.

Sharon Presley discusses the psychology of freedom.

Cesar Chelala discusses the attacks on Yemen.

Philip Giraldi discusses how the War on Terror serves as a witness protection program for felons.

Aaron Ross Powell discusses how politics is destroying people’s souls.

Joseph R. Stromberg discusses the Barron memo.

Daniel Larison discusses the U.S. backed slaughter in Yemen.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses how ex-politicians profit off the misery they cause.

Robert Parry discusses Islamic fundamentalist fighters joining the battle in the Ukraine.

Richard W. Behan discusses Jeb Bush and his brother’s wars.

Sheldon Richman discusses Thomas Friedman on Iran.

Medea Benjamin discusses attempts to kill the Iranian nuclear deal.

Gary Leupp discusses the sectarian strife the U.S. helped create in the Middle East.

Sheldon Richman discusses libertarian strategy and incremental change.

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