The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 85

Dan Sanchez discusses how U/S. intervention helps Islamic fundamentalist groups in the Middle East.

Barbara Myers discusses the unknown whistleblower.

Michael Horton discusses the Saudi state’s Yemen strategy of divide and destroy.

Laurence M. Vance discusses free trade.

Sheldon Richman discusses letting the clock run out on the NSA.

Alex Kane discusses the booming business of war in Israel.

Joshua Frank discusses why Bernie Sanders is a dead end.

Adam Johnson discusses GOP chickenhawks.

Gene Healy discusses the question of whether war hawks learned anything from Iraq.

Corey Robin discusses corporate authoritarianism.

Ryan McMaken discusses how governments keep you and your money from leaving.

Ilan Pappe discusses Palestine.

Dan Sanchez discusses the U.S. support for Islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

Robert Parry discusses a possible war with Syria.

Walter Olson discusses truancy laws.

Bonnie Kristian discusses freedom of association and Patrick Stewart’s commentary.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses Max Boot and lying.

Jeffrey A. Tucker discusses what Bastiat had to say about police abuse.

David Correia discusses police violence against native people.

Norman Pollack discusses the march toward global war.

Alfredo Lopez discusses the USA Freedom Act.

Kathy Kelly discusses fear and learning in Kabul.

Matt Welch discusses the eternal recurrence of Bush conservatism.

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