The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 78

Stephen Kinzer discusses how safe the U.S. is.

Nick Turse discusses the battlefield of tomorrow.

Laurence M. Vance discusses how the state needs servants to do its dirty work.

Ivan Eland discusses how Obama’s nuclear agreement is a good one but issues remain.

Justin Raimondo discusses why we can’t limit government without limiting foreign intervention.

Rami G. Khouri discusses respect as the death knell of colonialism.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses changing why wars happen.

Sheldon Richman discuses U.S. and Saudi intervention in Yemen.

Sharon Presley discusses the existence of rape culture in America.

Anthony F. Shaker discusses the history of Saudi funded fundamentalism and sectarian war on the Shia.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses draft registration and America’s serf society.

Charles Pierson discusses the lack of accountability for U.S. drone kills.

Sheldon Richman discusses empathy and patience in presenting libertarianism.

Brian Cloughley discusses US-NATO antics in the nuclear playground.

Matt Welch discusses Marco Rubio’s 7 lousy foreign policy judgments.

Kelley Vlahos discusses our bad friends; the Saudis.

Steven Horowitz discusses whether the ninth amendment can save us.

Uri Avnery discusses Avnery vs the State of Israel.

Lawrence Davidson discusses Islamophobia on wheels.

Ron Jacobs discusses outlaws in the eyes of Amerika.

Ramzy Baroud discusses naming and shaming in Yarmouk.

Tariq Ali discusses the new world disorder.

Michael Uhl discusses the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.

Robert Fantina discusses Hilary as a disaster in the making.

Matt Welch discusses why debating with words rather than government force is better.

Nick Gillespie discusses why libertarians are like Kale to everyone but Paul Krugman.

Damon Root discusses the smearing of Herbert Spencer and past progressive support for eugenics.

Baylen Linnekin discusses cracking down on feeding the homeless.

Jesse Walker discusses Mike Huckabee’s run for president.

Justin Logan discusses the real reason hawks oppose the Iranian deal.

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