The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 49

Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall discuss how foreign intervention can lead to domestic tyranny.

Anthony Gregory reviews Radley Balko’s book on police militarization.

Ivan Eland discusses why Congress should vote against Obama’s new war.

Patrick Cockburn discusses a true between Assad and non-IS elements of the Syrian opposition.

Dan Sanchez discusses the U.S. and Saudi use of radical Islam for their own purposes.

David Swanson discusses how ISIS thinks Bush was right.

A. Barton Hinkle discusses the imperial presidency under Obama.

Steve Chapman discusses corporal punishment.

W. James Antle the Third discusses the lack of a legal basis for the rebooted war in Iraq.

Bruce Fein discusses how Obama is like LBJ.

Ben Schreiner discusses the triumph of propaganda.

Kevin Carson discusses the “libertarian” character of pipeline politics.

Kevin Carson discusses September 11th.

Peter Van Buren discusses the renewed intervention in Iraq.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses a court ruling about a SWAT raid on a barbershop.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses immigration controls.

James Kilgore discusses mass imprisonment.

Benjmain Dangel discusses pot legalization in Uruguay.

Aaron Malin discusses police training in Missouri.

Ed Krayewski discusses the new bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria.

Joel Schlosberg discusses crashing the party of Lincoln.

Patrick Cockburn discusses whether Turkey is aiding ISIS.

Bionic Mosquito discusses whether warfare can be civilized or not.

Derrick Broze discusses why profiling Muslim Americans is not libertarian.

Shamus Cooke discusses the U.S. intervention in Syria.

Robert Fisk discusses the bombing of Syria.

William C. Lewis discusses the bombing of Syria.

Franklin Lamb discusses the scene in Syria.

Efim Geller beats Vasily Smyslov.

Efim Geller beats Anatoly Karpov.

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